All About NOMOS Glashütte Watches

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NOMOS Glashutte is known for its luxury collection of artisan watches, including manual-winding watches and automatic mechanical watches. The watches maintain a pristine reputation for being the highest quality. Here is an overview of everything you need to know about NOMOS Glashutte watches should you decide that it’s time to invest in one.

History of NOMOS Glashutte

The company NOMOS Glashutte is in Glashütte, Saxony, Germany. Roland Schwertner founded the company in 1990. He remains the owner and operator of the company. It is not a corporation with stockholders. It maintains a small staff of around 300 people, which is relatively small for any major global brand.

Tour the NOMOS Glashutte Facility

True watch enthusiasts will love the opportunity to tour the NOMOS Glashutte in Germany. The tours are free of charge and take around two and a half hours to complete. The tours take place twice a month and typically include 15 people. Not only will you see more about how NOMOS Glashutte watches are made, but you can learn more about the process of watchmaking and the town known for it. There is quite a following for NOMOS Glashutte watches, so if you want to attend a tour, be sure to book a time as soon as possible.

Limited Release

NOMOS Glashutte manufactures approximately 20,000 watches each year across all of its lines. This is a small number of watches. If you like one particular style of a watch, it is good to buy it when you see it available. Due to the limited nature of the watches and the popularity, sometimes it can be challenging to find the watch that you want later.

Different Models

When it first started production, NOMOS Glashutte manufactured four models: Tangente, Orion, Ludwig, and Tetra. Today, it includes more models, including the Lambda and Lux models made of gold and some sport watches. The current line has 13 models, though it continues to innovate and add to its collection of watches. Some models feature date functionality and colored dials.

German Modernist Style

NOMOS Glashutte watches tend to have a German modernist style, with in-house calibers housed in simple cases. The watches have minimalist, understated and beautiful dials. The watches look great for everyday wear, but you can wear it to special events. In this way, the minimalist watch design is particularly versatile.

Relatively Affordable

Considering the craftsmanship, design, and luxury branding, NOMOS Glashutte watches are surprisingly affordable. For those interested in getting their first German luxury watch, it is a great entry point for most buyers. The watches are intricate, well-designed, and desirable.

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