NOMOS Glashütte Watches: Where Art Meets Function

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Nomos Glashütte Watches Chicago

Timepiece enthusiasts worldwide know that the gateway to luxury German watches is NOMOS Glashütte Watches, or NOMOS people often refer to the brand. In general, German watches are unique, as their designs tend to be heavily influenced by minimalism and the Bauhaus style of design, which seamlessly fuses art with architectural design, making no distinction between “fine” and “applied” arts.

NOMOS takes part of its name from the city in Saxony where most other German-made, high-end watches come from: Glashütte. Though NOMOS opened just after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1990, the luxury watchmaker attracted dedicated enthusiasts and a cult following in its short history.

NOMOS’ watches are world-renowned for their straightforward, austere designs, a notable characteristic of German modernism. When NOMOS first began manufacturing watches, ETA movements powered their watches. Since 2005, however, NOMOS began manufacturing all watch movements in-house. With this, NOMOS watches offer in-house calibers in uncomplicated cases with minimalist dials at reasonable prices.

NOMOS Glashütte: The Four Flagship Models

NOMOS originally produced four main watch models exclusively in stainless steel: Tangente, Tetra, Ludvig, and Orion. They all had manual wound movements presented on leather straps. And because of their popularity, they remain a part of NOMOS’ collection.


Tangente is the flagship NOMOS model, characterized by its clean, round case, with angular lugs. It features a combination of Arabic numerals and stick markers, and two center hands with a small, seconds sub-dial.


The Orion is simplistic with stick markers and more curvy lugs.


The Orion is simplistic with stick markers and more curvy lugs.


The Tetra is NOMOS’ only square-shaped watch in the catalog. Like the Tangente, the Tetra has a combination of Arabic numerals and stick markers with a small second indicator.

In 2006, NOMOS introduced its first automatic watch, the Tangomat and has since added more automatic models to its catalog. And in 2013, they debuted their first gold timepieces – the round Lambda and the tonneau-shaped Lux watches,

With NOMOS Glashütte manufacturing their own movements, they can place more emphasis on perfecting their in-house calibers, unveiling their in-house escapement, the NOMOS Swing System, in 2014. And in 2015, they produced their tenth manufacturing movement – the DUW 2001. Today, NOMOS Glashütte watches use the Neomatik for power— an ultra-slim version of their DUW 3001 caliber.

NOMOS Glashütte continues to manufacture watches with new materials, colors, shapes, and complications, but each watch maintains the brand’s signature minimalist aesthetic. Though understated in design, the watches are works of art. Each watch is proportioned and powered by sophisticated, intricately crafted calibers.

What’s more, NOMOS’ Glashütte Watches are affordable entry-level luxury timepieces. To learn more about NOMOS Glashütte and select the right Glashütte or another luxury watch for your style, our knowledgeable team at Swiss Fine Timing is here to help.