Repair & Restoration

Authorized Watch Repair & Restoration Services for New & Vintage Watches

Watches in most instances can be sent to the manufacturer or serviced at our shops. Watches still covered under a manufacturer’s warranty must be returned to the manufacturer in order to keep the warranty in force.


We are happy to handle the processing of watch repairs in Chicago at most manufacturers. The cost, work provided/required, time frames for estimates, completion, and warranty provided following service vary widely depending upon the manufacturer. Please come in to one of our locations or contact us to discuss this on a case-by-case basis.


Any work Swiss FineTiming’s workshops provide are given a warranty for a period of one (1) year. The specifics regarding our Chicago watch repairs and services available are described below.

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Battery Replacement and Water Resistance Test – Quartz Watches

This process includes an inspection of the movement for cleaning and gaskets for replacement. The battery is then replaced and tested. To finalize the process, the watch is tested for water resistance. If any movement work is required we will contact you for approval with an estimate before any work is started.

Battery Replacement for Quartz Watches That Are Not Water Resistant

This process includes an inspection of the movement for cleaning. The battery is then replaced and tested. If any movement work is required we will contact you for approval with an estimate before any work is started.

Complete Overhaul and Service – Mechanical and Quartz Watches

This process involves the complete disassembly of the watch movement. All needed parts in the watch movement are replaced. The movement is then cleaned, reassembled and lubricated. The movement is electronically calibrated and placed in the case. The watch is then pressure tested in wet and dry conditions, and time tested/controlled. This process runs the timepiece on various timing apparatuses (watch winders) to test the rate, function and efficiency of the movement. Typically, a watch is analyzed over the course of 48–72 hours, to ensure precise accuracy of the timepiece.

On more complex service work (those costing in excess of $600.00) Swiss FineTiming will provide a complementary refinish of your watch case and bracelet (if applicable).

We will contact you for approval with an estimate before any work is started.

Calibrate/Regulate Movement

At our shops, our watchmakers ensure that the movement of your timepiece is adjusted to recommended specifications.

Clean/Polish Case

In this process, the case is disassembled from the bracelet/strap, along with the movement to protect it from polishing compounds. The case is polished and refinished, which removes abrasions and/or imperfections, to restore it as practicable to its original form. The case is then reassembled, replacing all of the gaskets, and the watch is then tested for water resistance.

Clean/Polish Bracelet

This process eliminates corroding between the links in your watch. The removable links are separated and refinished; the non-removable links are masked, polished, or satin finished, as appropriate to manufacturer specifications.

Crystal Replacement/Refinishing

The “glass” protecting the dial of the watch is called the crystal. There are three types of crystals: acrylic, mineral or sapphire. The sapphire crystal is most expensive, scratch-resistant and durable. These crystals may break or crack from impact, usually, caused by dropping a watch on a hard surface. Swiss FineTiming’s watchmakers can replace almost any crystal, and when possible, will buff the crystal to remove any unsightly marks.

Dial Refinishing

This process restores the dial to its original form by giving it new life, beauty and wear-ability. Our watchmakers meticulously refinish your dial to its original factory specifications. We suggest you discuss this with one of our specialists at either store on a case-by-case basis. At Swiss FineTiming, we have access to shops both here in the United States and in Europe for this very specialized work.

Hand Refinishing/Replacement

Swiss FineTiming’s watchmakers typically have the exact match for your watch’s hands, including most vintage models, if they are in need of replacement. Our watchmakers can also hand-make watch hands to meet the applicable specifications, when replacement pieces are unavailable. We can also restore the luminous material to your watch hands, correct bent hands and change the color or metal of hands.

Quartz Conversion

This can be a excellent choice for repairing older manual winding watches. This is usually the case when some parts may no longer be available. Older watches can become extremely worn inside and the process to restore them can become considerably costly. What a quartz conversion provides to your timepiece is to give it the same look, but will simply need periodic battery replacements.

Stem/Crown Replacement

When a watches crown/stem is damaged, it can greatly compromise the water resistance and damage the movement of the watch, when winding. Replacing the stem/crown will restore the watch’s appearance, prevent any further damage to the movement, and ensures the appropriate level of water resistance.

Strap/Bracelet Replacement

Swiss FineTiming offers an extensive selection of straps. We stock over 10,000 straps in house and can order any size or material you wish, whether crocodile, lizard, shark, satin or almost any other material and color imaginable. We can adapt any strap/bracelet to standard and custom sizes. By altering the strap/bracelet of a watch, it can give new vibrancy to the watch’s exterior.