Urban Jürgensen was born from the Jürgensen watchmaking Family. It took flight from the 18th in to the 20th centuries. After his parent’s passed, Urban Jürgensen decided to continue in his father’s footsteps with his two son’s making it Urban Jürgensen & Sønner. The Jürgensen family is one of the greatest creators of timepieces since the early 18th century. Even after the family of watchmakers began to perish, the brand was carried on with a vision for the future with concepts for new calibers to give the Urban Jürgensen & Sønner brand a clear foundation for the 21st century.
Each timepiece is the result of the highest horological expertise through the invaluable work of passionate professional craftsmen who are the precious continuators of an uninterrupted production since 1773.

Founders: The Jürgensen Family
Founded: The mid 18th century

Urban Jurgensen Watches