How to Buy a Vintage Men’s Watch

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Vintage Man's WatchThere is something special about a vintage men’s watch that keeps collectors coming back over and over again. Although there are many modern designs available that offer a lot of valuable and attractive features, there is a certain mystique and prestige associated with vintage watches. They are highly sought after by collectors around the world. If you are considering adding a few vintage watches to your collection, there are several things to look for when you are making your decision. Here is how to buy a vintage men’s watch.

New vs. Old Vintage

One of the first things that you should decide when looking for a vintage men’s watch is whether you are going to choose a new vintage watch or an old vintage watch. Old vintage watches are anything you can buy that is aged and from a time long before today. These are the watches the most collectors think of when searching for something vintage. However, it is possible to buy a new vintage watch.

There are many companies that make new watches with vintage styles. For a collector, this is a chance to get the classic style they are looking for without potential problems from wear and tear from an older watch. Alternatively, old vintage watches are often worth more than their new counterparts to collectors. It is important to be aware of the distinction between old and new mainly because of the price differences.

Before you buy any vintage watch, do your research to make sure you know or that watch comes from. There are some dealers who may try to sell a new vintage watch as a much older watch so that they can ask for a significantly higher price.

Quality and Condition

Regardless of a choice between new or old vintage watches, the next thing you should look at is the quality and condition to watch. This goes without saying, but you want to buy a watch that looks like it has been well taken care of. Check all the components that you can to make sure that nothing was badly damaged or worn out from extensive use. Also, check to see if the watch runs. This could be a major factor in whether or not you purchase it because it may mean expensive and time-consuming repairs before it is operational again.

Choose Watches that Speak to You

If you are trying to decide which watch to buy, always choose watches that speak to you. Look for watches that have unique characteristics and designs, but also ones that you feel a connection with. These are the watches that you will be most happy about regardless of if you wear it or keep it in your collection. You will also be more aggressive about maintaining it, which means it will retain its value far longer for you.

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