Zenith Watches – Combining elegance with reliability

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Zenith Watches ChicagoWith over a century behind the name, it’s no surprise that Zenith watches are renowned for their quality, diversity and design. If you’ve been considering a watch purchase in the near future, then take a look at the unique qualities that a Zenith watch can offer you.

If you’re in search of classic elegance that stands apart from other models, then being unique is what Zenith does best.

Humble beginnings

At the age of just 22, Zenith watches was founded by Georges Favres-Jacot in 1865 and his brand was one of the first watch manufacturers to create entire watches from removable parts that could be removed, repaired and replaced. This allowed for the highest levels of accuracy.

Jacot inspiration was influenced by the movements of the stars around their axis, which lead to the cosmic brand name of “Zenith”. He believed the inner workings of time revolve around a natural simplicity, just like the cosmos. This is exactly what is reflected in the design of a Zenith watch too.


You are spoiled for choice when it comes to Zenith watches, as they come in a variety of styles that have evolved over the years to match various trends. With a range of different strap and face dial options, you can easily customize your purchase so that it suits your style, personality and outfit.

All the Zenith watch straps are crafted from high-quality materials. Often you will find that the backgrounds tend to have an astrological theme, which reflects the origins of the brand itself.


With each purchase, a warranty and guarantee is included to make sure that your watch is built to last. As mentioned before, watch specifics can be repaired if needed, so you can always rely on your Zenith watch.

Zenith watches are some of the most reliable timepieces in the industry and its numerous rewards over the years reflect this very fact. The precision with which these watches are crafted is breathtaking.

Something for everyone

Watches are made for both women and men. Women’s watches feature a range of daintier models, with fabric straps which offer a luxurious feel and many delicate touches of quartz.

The amazing thing about this brand is that there really is a watch that will suit every personality. This makes it the perfect gift idea too.

If you’re interested in purchasing a luxury watch, then choosing a timepiece that is part of the gold standard in the world of watchmaking is a good choice. Zenith watches won’t let you down and will ensure you look stylish. With a strong history and a range of styles, a Zenith watch is a long-term purchase that can be passed down to the family for generations to come.