Wrist Watches For Men: Finding The Perfect Gift

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mens wrist watchWhen it comes to accessories, men don’t tend to worry, but one item they often fuss over is their watch. It’s the main accessory they have on display, and they want to make sure it looks just as good as they do. This means that they will prioritize choosing a watch with both quality and style. If you are searching for the perfect gift for your man, then the gift of stylish time is one of the best.

Before committing to a purchase, there are a few things to be considered. We’ve outlined the most important ones below.

Consider his lifestyle

The type of life a man leads has a great impact on the style of watch he will wear. The watch you choose needs to work well with his lifestyle. For example, those men who handle heavy equipment or work in construction need a watch that can handle the requirements of their job, whereas a sportsman will want a watch that’s light, and perhaps has additional functions, such as water resistance, digital displays, and maybe even the ability to measure their heart rate. Either way, Swiss watches for men are a great choice to suit all lifestyles and jobs.

You often find that men have a “work” watch and a “social” watch. A metallic finish is a popular choice for daily use, and a leather strap is perfect for those formal occasions.

Consider the size of the face

You find that the dial on most wrist watches for men tends to be bigger than that on ladies’ watches. It’s important that the size of the watch face be in proportion to the size of the wrist. In general, a 34-40mm dial works great for men with thin wrists while the larger 46mm dials are perfect for rugged wrists. You can often assess the wrist size off an old watch if you want your new gift to be a surprise!

Consider colors

Chances are, men aren’t going to want bright colored watches such as red, pink, or blue. Simply because they don’t tend to pair well across all outfit options, so aren’t considered versatile. Brown, black, and tan colors are great options, as are gold, silver, and platinum-plated watches. Both are masculine in appearance and perfect for formal and casual events.

When you’ve got the perfect watch in mind, don’t hesitate to choose Swiss watches for men if you want to combine quality, class, functionality, and design. Just like Germany is known for their car-making, Switzerland is synonymous with high quality in the world of watches. A Swiss watch will impress your man and make the perfect gift.