What Makes Arnold & Son’s Watches Unique?

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Arnold and Son’s Royal Collection

Arnold & Son has a long history in timepiece making. The company can trace its roots back to the time of King George III when the founder of the company delivered a precision repeating timepiece to the king. After that, his reputation as a skilled craftsman with an eye for detail led him to more notable ventures, such as supplying precision timepieces that made it possible to sail anywhere in the world more accurately and safely.

Arnold & Son watches are still among the leading examples of traditional watchmaking, but many of it’s newer lines incorporate more modern features and styles without compromising what makes the company special. Here is a look at what makes Arnold & Son watches unique.

Arnold & Son Globetrotter Night

The Arnold & Son Globetrotter Night is the perfect example of how Arnold & Son creates timepieces with traditional styles by modern aesthetics. It borrows from some of the other traditional watches made by Arnold & Son, including its movement. However, the Globetrotter Night changes to a “night mode” design depicting the northern hemisphere at night. The watchmakers etch the continents onto the watch using a chemical process with city lights etched by hand for a view from a space station look. Accompanied by other changes like material choices and color choices, the Globetrotter Night gives you the traditional feel of a world timer with a modern, night time aesthetic that makes it a great choice for your collection.

Arnold & Son Golden Wheel

Starwheel watches are designed to emulate the wandering hour clocks made hundreds of years ago. There have been several watch adaptations of the design over the years, including the Arnold & Son Golden Wheel. The primary mechanism is on full display and you can see how it changes as it moves. For collectors that like to see moving components and the inner workings of their watches, this is a design that they will enjoy.

While the Golden Wheel design seems relatively simple at first glance, Arnold & Son made significant improvements. Previous iterations of Starwheel watches were delicate because of the intricate and exposed nature of the designs. Arnold & Son fixed this problem with a thicker, more robust support system. You can wear this watch every day without worrying about breaking it or add it to your collection for its unique and interesting designs.

Arnold & Son HMS1 Royal Blue

The simplicity and elegance of Arnold & Son’s Royal Collection come directly from traditional watch designs. The Arnold & Son HMS1 Royal Blue is a prime example of this. It has few frills, but the elements that are there stand out in an elegant way. The combination of a royal blue dial with bright gold number markers gives it the understated, yet exuberant look that you would expect from a much older timepiece. The quality of the construction, alongside the performance of the movement, places it on par with any other modern design.

Find the Right Piece for Your Collection

At Swiss Finetiming, we have access to a wide collection of Arnold & Son watches and other timepieces from many different manufacturers. There is a piece that is right for everyone. Finding the right help in identifying it is critical. Let us help you find the right timepiece for your collection.