What is Watch Servicing And Why Should I Care About It?

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Mechanical watches are wonderful mechanical objects, resulting from great engineering, often created in large part by hand. Even a “simple” time-only watch will require in excess of one hundred components (including several gears, springs, oils, and gaskets) and of course, excellent skills in assembling those parts together.

Some of those mechanical pieces will wear a long time and others will need to be fixed or even replaced. Also, oils don’t last for decades, as does not the oil in your automobile; it is important that the shop puts fresh oils in the movement when going for a watch servicing.

There is, however, a (huge) difference when comparing to a car service; time! A watch servicing can take much longer as the watch will be totally disassembled for each service. (I wouldn’t dare to imagine what would happen if it was the same with cars!)

A common rule in the industry recommends a complete watch servicing every three to five years. After that time range, damaged parts will most likely damage other components and oils might dry resulting in further damages inside the watch and so on… Those damages, adding up, will result in a higher cost of repair.

Of course, we all know stories of watches from brands such as, Audemars Piguet, Zenith, or Tudor, that are still working fine for many years without any watch servicing; these are exceptions. Those brands have mastered production and extreme reliability; however, these companies still highly recommend a regular servicing.

What does a servicing of a mechanical watch mean?Usually, a service from a good watchmaker implies disassembling, cleaning, oiling, and polishing the watch. Damaged components will be either fixed or replaced. Finally, the watchmaker will reassemble the watch and adjust it in several positions to make sure it runs well before returning your timepiece.

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