The Definitive Guide to Getting Your Watch Serviced

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Getting Your Watch ServicedProperly maintaining your watch is an important aspect of keeping your collection in good shape. A timepiece that is well-maintained can last more than 100 years with minor maintenance, and high-quality timepieces are made to last. However, most people simply do not know how to service a mechanical watch on their own. If you are ever unsure how to maintain your timepiece, ask a qualified technician for help. Here is a look at the process for maintaining your timepieces and getting them service.

Check Performance

Perhaps the biggest indicator of your watch needing service is how it performs. Check the performance to see if everything is within tolerances. This means checking to see if it runs as smoothly as it is supposed to, or if it runs on time. If it is not able to stay in time throughout its run cycle, then it likely needs to be cleaned and adjusted. If you notice problems with how it runs, such as it sticking at certain points or has a visibly rough ticking movement, it may need to be thoroughly serviced.

Time Between Services and Acquisitions

There is not much reason to get your watch serviced regularly if there is nothing wrong. However, if it has not been serviced within four years of you acquiring it or having it serviced last, it is worth looking into its performance and having it serviced. Watchmakers generally accept that years show a difference in performance. After four years of not being served, your watch could begin the show problems. Before you bring it in for service, give it a thorough review to see if there are any problems. If it is running perfectly and there are no visible problems, you probably do not need to take it in for service right away.

This situation is different for vintage watches. If you have a vintage watch, which can include anything with an older design, take it in for service if it has been four years or more since you acquired it. Vintage watches are special in that having a part break means that you may struggle to find a suitable replacement. This is especially true if you have an older watch that is no longer in production. If it has been serviced within the last four years, check it for performance and quality before bringing it in for service.

Synthetic vs. Animal Oils

The interval at which you need to have your watch serviced also depends on the type of oil used to lubricate it. Animal oils thicken over time which can stop up your watch entirely. You will see this happen because the watch will stop working. Synthetic oils tend to evaporate over time, which means your watch could keep running without any lube left in it, which can damage the parts and require replacements.

If you use animal oils in your watch, then you should have it serviced every 4 to 6 years so that the oil can be replaced before it thickens. If you use synthetic oils, have your watch serviced or inspected every four years to make sure that it has enough lubrication to run without causing problems.

Let Us Service Your Timepieces

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