Luxury Watches Offer Subtle Style

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Luxury Watches ChicagoNo matter the brand you choose, a luxury watch is one of the easier ways to add some style to your day. These watches are still practical — they aren’t just for show, and they do work very well — but they are beyond anything you would find in a typical store. These are watches that are meant to last for a long time and retain value.

What Makes a Luxury Watch?

The key term here is “luxury.” You can find watches that are well-made and that will work for years with the right care at most stores. But for a watch to be elevated to luxury status, it has to do more than just work. A luxury watch often has precious metals and gemstones as part of its design, ranging from gold and diamonds to jade and emeralds; it may have even been designed by a celebrity watchmaker.

The band doesn’t have to be made of metal or leather, but these materials are more common in the luxury watch range. The material will be soft (if not metal) and tough to damage. However, you still do not want to wear a luxury watch in conditions that could result in damage (e.g., unless it’s a luxury sports watch, you don’t want to wear it in rough conditions).

One very important detail to keep in mind is that a luxury watch does not have to be ostentatious. It can be encrusted with jewels or take the form of an understated, slim gold watch. Don’t assume the watch has to look one way or another.

Where Can You Get Authentic Luxury Watches?

Luxury watches are available both in stores and online; you may be able to special order a customized watch (this depends on the brand, of course). One of the dangers associated with buying any luxury item is that you’ll end up with a knock-off that isn’t really worth the money you paid. You can avoid this problem by shopping only at reputable stores or through reputable online retailers. Many brand websites, if they don’t have their own online store, will have a list of stores that sell their products.

How Should You Care for Luxury Watches?

In addition to being careful about where and when you wear the watch, you should follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance schedules. This gives you the best chance of keeping the watch looking good and working well. Dousing the watch with the wrong cleaner could damage the material, including metals.

Keep the watch in a case when it’s not in use. That will protect it from bumps and scratches that could compromise the finish. Also, remember that, should it need repairs, the watch will most likely fall under your homeowner’s insurance jewelry rider.