Important Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a Watch

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watchesWhen planning to buy a new watch, it is becoming ever increasingly difficult to select one given the seemingly ever expanding variety of choices. Irrespective of all of the foregoing, always purchase a watch that truly appeals to you, and suits your way of life. With that said, here are some practical things to consider when choosing a watch that is right for you.

What are your reasons for purchasing a new watch? Do you want a simple watch for daily use, or do you need a stylish timepiece that will work well with your manner of dress? Do you wear a watch when you exercise or play sports? Sport watches are typically made with rubber parts for more durability. Today, watches made from precious metals go well with dressy or casual outfits. They are usually a bit smaller than sport watches, which usually have a minimum diameter of 38 millimeters. Contrary to traditional thinking years ago, an elegant Breguet, Audemars or gents Bulgari wristwatch can be dressed down a bit with a brown alligator or crocodile strap; worn perfectly with a pair of jeans- very chic today. Swiss FineTiming in Chicago and Highland Park offers a vast selection of over 10,000 watch straps in stock for this.

The moment you decide on the real purpose of buying a watch, the next thing to consider is the materials it is made with. The latest priciest timepieces that are available in the market consist of technologically advanced materials, like scratch-proof ceramics. Most watches are made with gold, platinum, titanium and other high-end materials. Less expensive watches are usually made with aluminum or plastic. Remember though, depending on what you are spending, traditional materials and designs stand the test of time. Most knowledgeable collectors and enthusiasts are very dubious of many of these newer brands and high-tech watches from a perspective of future value given cost and ability to have them serviced in the future.

The weight or size of a watch depends on a person’s personal preference. Some individuals want something lightweight, while others prefer a robust feel on their wrist. Watches have a wide range of features and functions, but in reality, most wearers only use the calendar function. If you love running, you can make use of a chronograph (a stop watch). Apart from that, a lot of unused functions are interesting and add to the detail and appeal of the watch, but will contribute to the cost of the watch. Nowadays, luminous dials and hands are commonly found in formal and sport watches.

People who frequently wash their hands, like doctors and nurses, should consider purchasing a watch with a metal band. This allows washing the timepiece off easily with no residue of unwanted bacteria, etc.

Women may prefer to wear a quartz watch that has a metal bracelet. However, many of the high luxury brands such as Audemars Piguet and Bulgari offer a deep selection of ladies watches with mechanical movements; both manual wind and automatic (stays wound with the movement of the wrist). Whenever you choose a watch with a bracelet, always make sure that it has an adjustable band in order to obtain the best fit to your wrist possible. In that connection, Parmigiani offers one of the very best quality and versatile ladies wristwatches, with a Swiss-quartz movement. They are produced in Stainless Steel, with varying degrees of diamonds, and handmade dials that are wonderful. Their Stainless Steel products are finished like most fine makers only produce precious metal watches, such as gold and platinum. They are available in 2 sizes (small and medium), and the bracelets fit perfectly to the wrist for comfortability, making them feel like butter on the wrist.

The price of a watch, of course, will be a primary factor you will consider when buying one. But again, always purchase what you love, and a watch that moves you emotionally. Please contact Daniel P. Jordan, our Managing Director at our Swiss FineTiming– Chicago Boutique at 1.312.337.4700 for assistance.