3 Unexpected Benefits of Buying Watches from Authorized Dealers

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watch dealer ChicagoAs a consumer, it’s your job to find the best value when it comes to a purchase. Smart customers can spend less to get more.

There are hidden areas of value that can change where people purchase – particularly for watches. There are valuable benefits to buying watches at brand boutiques and authorized dealers that aren’t typically advertised. Below we discuss some of these top benefits.

1. The opportunity to purchase first

Are you looking forward to buying a brand new watch as soon as it’s released? Or, are you interested in purchasing a hard-to-get limited edition watch? When you buy from a retailer, they tend to keep waiting lists and customer demographic statistics. They also have another advantage, if needed, they can make specific requests from brand headquarters when a customer makes it clear they want a particular model of watch right away. This applies to limited edition or limited production watches that are difficult to purchase. So, if you’re in the market for a popular new watch or want to be among the first to get your hands on a brand new watch, then purchasing your watch the official way is the best option.

2. Extended warranties

When you buy a new watch, you tend to get a basic one-two year warranty. However, when you buy your watch from an authorized dealer, extended warranties can often be offered. It’s not uncommon for those who buy watches from high-end brand boutiques to receive warranties for up to five years. These warranties can be extremely valuable, depending on who you’ve purchased from. As well as covering general defects, they can replace an entire watch in the worst case scenario. If we compare that with no warranties at unofficial retailers, who also often have “no return” policies, the risk comparison is clear. It’s always best to buy from an authorized dealer if you want your watch to be in working order for a long time.

3. Exclusive products

Lots of watch companies are now offering exclusive products at certain authorized dealers. These tend to be limited-edition pieces or even non-limited pieces which are desirable such as steel watches. While a particular watch might have precious metal versions available at a range of authorized dealers, the non-precious metal models or less costly steel will only be available exclusively at unauthorized dealers. It’s increasingly known that more appealing watches are available solely at brand boutiques and authorized dealers or exclusively at particular locations.

If you want a high-quality, exclusive watch that is under warranty for damage and malfunctions, then consider purchasing your watch from an authorized dealer or brand boutique. You won’t be let down!