7 Ways To Simplify Watch Battery Replacements

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watch battery replacementReplacing a watch battery might seem like a difficult and highly-skilled task, and this is certainly true! However, if you are looking to tackle the job on your own, then there are certain tips to help make the process easier. So, to help you out, here are seven ways you can help speed up the process and ensure you do a quality job when it comes to your watch battery replacement.

1. Try and find a watch press

The task of getting the back of your watch off is tricky, and you need to make sure it is re-fitted correctly before wearing again. So, before starting, it is worth trying to track down a watch press that will allow you to finish the job properly. Otherwise, your watch will be prone to breaking faster or susceptible to water damage.

2. Have you tried a battery saver?

You may find that the battery itself is OK, but has just built up some unwanted residue and has started a process called oxidation. So, instead of replacing the whole battery, you could use a battery saver to preserve it.

3. Collect some spare parts before starting

As you start opening up your watch, it’s easy for small parts to get misplaced or lost. To ensure you will actually be able to finish the work, you should ensure you have spare parts to hand, just in case.

4. Use a cross reference chart

It’s not always easy finding a new battery to replace the old one. Instead, using a free cross reference chart, you can find an alternate battery that could just as easily have the same effect.

5. Be sure to test the battery

You should try and track down a battery tester before you get started pulling your watch apart. This will allow you to test the voltage of the watch and to determine if the battery is actually the root cause of the problem.

6. Get your hands on some non-conductive tweezers

Using standard metal tweezers is potentially harmful to you, and could also damage the new battery. Instead, track down some non-conductive tweezers before you start handling the materials.

7. Correctly and carefully open the case back

A screw-on back opener or case-knife are the proper tools you should use for opening the back of your watch. Trying to force it open with other tools could easily scratch the watch. This could damage both the inside and outside of the watch.

If the task of replacing your battery is a little too daunting, then you may wish to bring in the help of some local experts. In fact, if you’re looking for watch battery replacement near you, then our team of professionals should be your first port of call! We have years of experience spent replacing batteries on all kinds of watches and are always happy to help. To find out more and request a quote, simply get in touch today.