5 Things You Should Know About Nomos Glashütte Watches

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Nomos Glashutte Watches

If you are reading this article, you probably have already heard about the stunning quality of the timepiece his name is synonymous with. However, if you are on the fence whether you should purchase one of these stunning and highly functional works of art, here are five fast reasons that may help you decide.

Glashütte Is Relatively New In America.

Glashütte is a German-based brand, but only in the past decade has the brand become available for purchase in America, which would make it quite the covetable piece among those who are timepiece aficionados. A Glashütte Watch is widely renowned across the world as a luxury timepiece, and now it is accessible in the US. With such a universal following, it’s no wonder Americans looking for a fresh yet classic take on a luxury timepiece are taking notice of his emergence in the states.

Modern Function Meets Classic Functionality

Glashütte timepieces have a reputation for their streamlined, modern appearance. If you are an individual who appreciates the simplicity of a watch that doesn’t scream for attention, yet is luxurious in its own right, then this is the piece for you. Elegance is timeless, and Glashütte has a firm grasp on creating a watch that embodies the concept of elegant functionality.

Watches with a Cause

Nomos Glashütte teamed up with the Doctors Without Borders branch in Germany. Ever since 2012, the company produces watches that not only encompass the timeless appearance of class. The limited edition products donate a portion of the proceeds to the humanitarian efforts to provide global aid for doctors who dedicated to providing care for severely impoverished nations.

It’s All In The Details.

We all know that attention to detail is a hallmark of any covetable luxury item, and with Glashütte, it is no different. When Glashütte creates these limited edition timepieces, they are identifiable by his special hallmarks of details that remind you each time you put that watch on. What you wear is unique. For example, there are specific limited edition lines he produces with limited supplies. Sometimes, models are merchant-exclusives. You may only find certain colors with a high-end retailer or in a specific country. The watch dials may come in a certain style or color, or a certain stones embedded on the front to commemorate the release in a country such as Austria or Japan. You can find certain styles for a limited time around the world, and often sell out rather quickly, which again, makes one of these timepieces highly covetable.

Keeping It All In House

Finally, Glashütte prides himself on the fact that for over a decade, each and every component that goes into creating his timepieces in house in Germany, and he is always looking forth in innovations for modern components, yet keeping in step with the gorgeous, streamlined designs. This bodes well for quality control, which passes on to you, dear consumer.