5 Quick Tips on Watch Wearing and Buying

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watch-buying1. A New Watch Strap – Swapping watch straps can instantly bring new life to a watch. It is amazing how different some watches can look on a new strap. Consider swapping out an old or boring strap or bracelet for something in a different color to make it fresh. And get something nice, high quality with a great finishing. We so often see people with wonderful watches, on old-worn straps. A new crocodile or alligator strap can bring life to a watch. Swiss FineTiming stocks over 10,000 straps in house. You can visit either of our Highland Park or Chicago Boutique to look at our wide variety of straps that would best fit you, and your watch.

2. Watch Winders – Use watch winders to keep your automatic watch collection in check. Have a larger collection? Don’t waste your time winding them all each day, when you can place them on watch winders so that they are ready to wear anytime. We carry Underwood Watch Winders, which are a great value for the longevity and quality overall.

3. Deployant (Folding) Clasp – Want to extend the life of a watch strap? Consider one with a deployant (or folding) clasp or adding one. It will prevent you from bending the ends of the strap as much when putting it on and off, which will in turn lengthen its life. Moreover, it reduces greatly, the probability of dropping your watch inadvertently. The cost can be earned multiple times over by having us fit your timepiece with a deployant clasp, when measured against the extension of strap life and saving on a broken watch repair.

4. Watch Choice – Invest in a timepiece for various occasions; one that you really adore, admire, and feel wonderful about, that makes you feel “good.” Think of a watch in that way, and it makes sense that you’ll need one for formal occasions, with jeans, outdoors in nature, and for sports.

5. Watches – A Personal Investment. Good watches are an investment in the long-term, and it can be tough to decide how much you want to spend. However, don’t think of a timepiece as a financial investment, but as a personal one. We suggest that if you want something hip and stylish to wear once-in-a-while, purchase something less expensive to fulfill that need. If you are spending more, you should be interested in a more timeless design that you’ll want to wear this year and a decade from now. Consider that you’ll be wearing it for years to come so a more substantial investment would be merited.

Please contact us at our Highland Park or Downtown – Chicago Boutique to discuss these issues and watches generally. Ask for Daniel P. Jordan, our Managing Director, at 1.312.337.4700.