4 Types of Watches Every Woman Needs

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Leather Band Watch for womanIn today’s day and age, men and women are abandoning wrist watches for the convenience of checking the time on their smartphones. Watches, however, serve more than just the purpose of telling time; a wristwatch today can still offer convenience while being fashionable.

Wrist watches add a level of style and functionality that a mobile phone just can’t. You can always accessorize for any occasion without having to carry your phone in your hand. These wrist watches should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

Leather Band

Leather band watches can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. They even have interchangeable bands to coordinate with whatever outfit you wear. Leather bands, however, require the most care because the leather bands can wear out, stretch, crack, and fade due to sun damage and wear. You can find beautiful replacement leather bands at your local watch repair shop in Chicago.

Sports Watch

If you live an active lifestyle, wearing a sports watch is much more convenient than a smartphone for checking the time. Sports watches come in a variety of styles for various purposes including running, hiking, and going to the gym. Even swimming and diving won’t stop these watches.

Sports watches are usually sleek and minimalistic.

Chronograph Watch

Chronograph watches are classy and professional. While women usually shy away from chronograph watches because of their larger displays, they do add sophistication to any ensemble. Chronograph watches always look professional and classic.

Bangle or Bracelet Watch

If you’re headed for a night out on the town, a bracelet or bangle watch can be the is the perfect accessory to compliment your outfit. These styles of watches are usually made of rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, stainless steel, and silver. They range in style from elegant, formal, and feminine to bold, flamboyant timepieces. Most are designed with beautiful embellishments of pearls, gems, and diamonds.

Tips for Buying the Perfect Watch

– Consider these options when purchasing a watch.
– What will your budget allow for? One watch, two or more? A luxury watch?
– Determine which type of mechanism you want your watch to have, quartz, mechanical, or automated?
– Figure out which size band you prefer.
– Are you into bright colors and bold designs?
– Go to watch shops in Chicago like Swiss Fine Timing where experienced associates can answer any questions you may have.

There are many timepieces to choose from, and depending on the style you want, watch prices range from a few dollars to the price of a luxury car.  Sure, you can just check the time on your mobile phone. But no smartphone can take the place a beautiful, stylish timepiece. Whatever your style, every woman deserves to at least have one of each of these types of watches for any occasion. A great watch is about more than telling time. It’s about your relationship with time.

If you have more questions about finding luxury watches in Chicago, be sure to visit us.