Want a Gift for a Man? A Swiss Watch is Best

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The Swiss watch is a classic piece of jewelry that has long proven to be one of the most durable and accurate timekeeping accessories available. These elegant timekeeping pieces are also very good gifts for men who might not otherwise receive much in the way of jewelry in their lives.

A Swiss watch is also an appropriate way for the wearer to express themselves when they have to work in a rather conservative environment. These watches are simple, elegant, and sophisticated – exactly the sort of persona one might want to embody at the office.

Swiss watches have a well-deserved positive reputation because their workmanship is so good. They’re made out of metal, for the most part, right down to the gears. Other than the occasional non-metal watch band, you’re almost guaranteed to find tough parts that don’t break down easily.

These are also watches that are built to last and can be serviced. Think about the non-Swiss watches you’ve bought in the past few years. Most were meant to last a few years and then be thrown away instead of repaired. That’s not the case with Swiss watches. These can be repaired and maintained, and they are meant to last for the rest of your life. Swiss watches aren’t invincible – they do need maintenance and can show signs of wear over time – but the work they require is so much less than other watches that it doesn’t make much sense to purchase a non-Swiss brand.

When purchasing any high-quality watch, cost might be an issue; Swiss watches are no exception: they don’t come cheap. However, in the long term, the value of a timepiece heavily outweighs the cost alone. If cost is prohibitive in the short term, consider refurbished and gently used watches. If you get a gently used watch from the right place, it will be hard to distinguish them in looks and/or functionality from a new timepiece.

One other feature that makes Swiss watches stand out is the inclusion of non-time measuring systems. Tiny altimeters and barometers are among the extra features you can find on some models of Swiss watch. For people who really like to see how climate changes as altitude or atmospheric pressure change, these watches can be a lot of fun to use.

Swiss designers have created some fancy watch faces that could give that elegant watch a funky aspect. While many have traditional analog-style faces, others have dual or triple dials that keep hours, minutes, and seconds separate. Instead of a moving hand or hands, there’s one hand that stays still while the dials move to show you the time.

If you’re tired of buying ties and cufflinks for the men in your life, take a look at Swiss watches as a gift idea. It just might be the best gift you ever give!