Tudor Black Bay: A Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Right Model

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Tudor Black Bay

Tudor Black Bay by Crown and Calibre has at least 25 models available despite only being a few years old. Because the Tudor Black Bay line is popular but complicated, it may be difficult to find the best option for your needs.  Fortunately, it is possible to make the process much easier if you know which features to look for and you can find a skilled Tudor watch dealer. Here is a buyer’s guide for the Tudor Black Bay collection.

Black Bay Classic

The core of the collection is the Black Bay Classic, which keeps the original design and has the most options out of the three focus areas. The majority of the watches in the collection have 41mm frames and metal bands.

The main differences in each watch are the bezel color and shape, the material and color of the band, and the color of the face. The Black Bay takes a classic design and adds several modern features in the background. This gives it smooth operations with a classic look. Choosing between the watches in the main collect depends on small changes in color and design based on your personal preferences.


To further refine your choice, focus on the complications that you would like. There are two complications available: the GMT and the Chronograph. The GMT is available on a watch with a blue and red bezel and has a 24-hour timescale. The Chronograph comes on steel, steel and gold, and dark (black PVD-coated) watch options. Several watches also come with a date dial, but there are no significant divisions between them to fall into a specific category.  

Smooth Bezel

There is a section of the collection that features smooth bezels. There are three different sizes of smooth bezel watches: 32mm, 36mm, and 41mm. Your choices are also limited to an all-steel construction or a steel and gold construction. The final choice that you will need to make in this section is the color of the crystal. The options are sapphire blue or a deep black. These watches do not have an in-house movement design. However, they do have details that the other watches do not, such as the writing on the crystal. In every other way, they are the same as the other Black Bay watches.

Special Options

There are several special options worked into the collection that are worth noting. The Black Bay Fifty Eight has a unique black and gold on steel finish that makes it a popular option. The Black Bay Bronze options are also unique. They feature bronze plating which will patina over time. While this may seem like a defect, it helps make each watch unique to its owner.

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