6 facts about F.P. Journe and his watches

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F.P Journe Watches ChicagoF.P. Journe is one of the most awarded watchmakers in modern times, and many of us will be familiar with his innovative timepieces. However, check out these six interesting facts about the watchmaker and his brand that you may not have known before.

1. The brand is based in Geneva

Unlike other Geneva-based watch brands that have an office in the city and a manufacturing center on the outskirts of town, F.P. Journe has a facility in the city where manufacturing, finishing as well as assembling takes place. This is where the founder, Francois Paul Journe, closely monitors all processes.

2. Maximum production of 1000 watches

The brand’s watches are in high demand; nevertheless, F.P. Journe only produce a limited number of products. The quantity can be approximated between 900 to 1000 every year. According to Journe himself, although his watches are in high demand, he is not keen on increasing production: “I want my team to be working on a range of complex and not-so-complex models, which will keep us producing close to 1,000 watches a year.”

3. Evolution of quartz

Many were surprised when F.P. Journe debuted the Elegante line. The launch provided an alternative to potential female customers in addition to delivering the same complex make with more reasonable prices. This complex strategy included making sure the watches had a long battery life.

4. Perfectionism

To become an expert watchmaker, one is required to have a certain ardor for accuracy as well as uniqueness. F.P. Journe is that and so much more. For instance, while he was creating the Octa Quantieme Perpetuel, Journe desired perfection in his creation so much so that there were production delays. Additionally, the company had to purchase a high-speed camera so they could monitor the transition.

5. Journe does real-world testing

While in Geneva, it is not hard to run into F.P. Journe, especially if you are attending one of the big watch auctions held there annually. While there, you can take a look at the type of watch he is wearing. In instances where a new watch is being created, chances are that the designer will be wearing one. F.P. Journe wears his creations before unveiling them as a form of testing how well they work and whether they might need modifying.

6. F.P. Journe used aluminum to make watches

There are not many brands that use aluminum when making cases for watches, however, in his Linesport collection, Journe decided to use aluminum on both the case and the bracelet. The watch ended up being very lightweight with an exceptional finish. Afterward, the watchmaker chose to transition to titanium, thus enhancing the early versions.